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The founders of Piller’s Black Kassel have been making dry-aged meat products in North America for over 60 years. The last five generations of this family have been master butchers, but their story begins long before that – some say a thousand years – for the art of crafting the world’s finest salamis and meats can be traced back through history even earlier than medieval times. The recipes and traditions were passed down over generations in Europe, and in this century, crossed the Atlantic allowing North Americans to enjoy these legendary delicacies too.

The family’s ancestors lived in regions dotted by imposing castle fortresses, mountains and rolling hills that flowed into river valleys, the beauty of which have inspired legends. One tale is about a certain old castle nestled on the back of a river, where ships headed for trade in the far corners of Europe and beyond, while caravans travelled on land to bring goods and exotic spices from faraway lands. The lord and his family entertained at their castle on a lavish scale, but what guests remembered most was the grand and unique charcuterie, salamis, sausages and hams.

The salamis came in shapes they had never seen before: hearts, diamonds and flowers - symbols inspired by the motifs decorating shields and tapestries. The meats were gently smoked over hardwood fires in the kitchens outside the Great Hall. Over time, the continuous slow-smoking hardwood fires turned the bright stone walls of the castle to a unique dark hue. The fortress became known as “The Black Castle”.

Old World Craftsmanship

Dry Cured

The art of dry curing is an old-world tradition that produces salami with a famously rich aroma, tender sliceability and a flavor that is savored and remembered. Traditional dry curing techniques date back thousands of years and were used simply to preserve meat as long as possible. In keeping with our authentic European tradition, we hang our meat as long as necessary, allowing airflow and changes in temperature to enhance the flavor and texture of meats.

Naturally Cold Wood Smoked

We are dedicated to artisanal craftsmanship and still smoke our meat over natural hardwood fires. Cold smoking is a time-honored process that, when used in conjunction with curing, it preserves and adds a smoky flavor to our meat, for an impeccable taste.

Legendary Taste

Authentic European Recipes

The legendary, distinctive taste of Black Kassel meats are crafted using our authentic European recipes and traditions handed down from generations in Europe. Made with only the finest ingredients and carefully blended spices to be the center of any table. After five generations of master butchers, we still proudly use the same natural aging, curing, and hardwood smoking process to deliver the impeccable taste Black Kassel is known for.

Unique Deli Shapes

Black Kassel is best known for our signature shaped salamis, available in three distinctive shapes: hearts, diamond and flowers, which adds creativity to and enhances any charcuterie board.

Black Kassel truly is where Charcuterie takes shape.